Wednesday, November 30, 2011

high Flying pigeons 2012

High Flying pigeons Photos and Details pakistani pigeons photos latest Pigeons Kabootar indian Pigeons kabootars Delhi pigeons mumbai Pigeons tipplers Fast Flying Pigeons New Breeds pigeons high Flying Pigeons Breeds There are Lot of Breeds Of Pigeons But the expert says That always Recommend who prove in Reality.Some of beautiful images Show Wonderful Breeds and Their Wings show the Heavy Capacity of flying But Some time in Real They cannot prove as Wings Showing.some People Love Birds eyes They Thought eyes exactly show Pigeons properties.There are lot of Pigeons Breeds have Wonderful Eyes But truth is Different Some Heavy Bled eyes have not Quality Some time orange Eyes fail Pigeon does not come back Home.The truth is Simple pigeons have Quality As you see these Images Pigeons Looks Simple But these are winners of Time these pigeons are Win the Game in Different Cities of Pakistan.So Now Think when you go for Buy.
Some time Cheap price Pigeons Prove That they are not judge by good master.


  1. awesome "pakisan" (i am sri lanka)

  2. I want to import some pakistani pigeons in bangladesh. can you help?
    my email:
    phone number: +8801672121692

    please reply..


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