Friday, December 2, 2011

Lahore fort Shahi qila in urdu

Lahore Fort Details in urdu.There are lot of people who wanted to know about the Lahore fort in urdu.There are details information on every topic.Shahi Qila is lahore fort the place of King Badshah AKBAR who is most powerful King of the History in his own Goverment.


  1. Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Plz give us More information about these personallities

  2. It elaborate the Mughal architecture is straight out of a storybook of the Mysterious East. The Fort is rectangular in shape and is situated in the north western corner of Lahore, adjacent to the Walled City. It has 13 gates. Here are some really good photos;

  3. no doubt that it was a great constructive effort by Mughal emperor Akbar but now a days the area of qila is very short as it was at the time of construction.


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